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Titania defies classification as a surface protectant. Unlike all others, it works continuously to protect both soft and surfaces, yet it is “invisible” to the eye, not changing the texture or appearance of the many surfaces it protects.

Titania by 4Everguard is a cost-efficient, non-toxic spray-on application that can be quickly applied to any material or surface to provide full protection against UV fading, oxidation, stain, and odor for years.

Titania creates an ionic bond with the surface it is sprayed on. This allows it to provide its full protection without the “clear coat effect”. There is no gloss or glare on treated areas, and the surface texture and pliability is not changed at all. Since there is no typical coating used, there is never any discoloration or peeling over time. Once treated, any surface becomes active, preventing bacteria or corrosive materials from attaching to surfaces to damage them. These active radicals also directly alter how UV light affects the surface to eliminate damage or fading.


  • UV Protectant
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Improved Fabric AbrasionTitania 369blue Unreihl Showroom 29[248]
  • Does not allow Dye Crocking to occur
  • Anti-Adhesion surface created
  • Anti-Oxidation (no-rusting)
  • VOC eliminator
  • Fire Retardant Surface Created
  • Green Eco-Friendly


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